Puzzle Pieces

Wow…I didn’t see that detailed action in the first panel when I was watching. Nice one, writers and animators. :D

TLOK Family Portraits


can you guess the Studio Pierrot one


I can’t believe I’m sparring with the Avatar!


Red Lotus Band by Ki-Hyun Ryu


Red Lotus Band by Ki-Hyun Ryu


Panel sing-along to “Secret Tunnel!!!”

There’s an old story about a secret pass right through the mountains.

Is this real or a legend?

Oh, it’s a real legend. And it’s as old as earthbending itself. [x]



Hey Korra Nation! Phew. Some of you may have heard versions of this news elsewhere, but here’s the official word. After this Friday’s on-air premiere of Episode 8 “The Terror Within” at 8/7c, all remaining Book 3 episodes will move to a digital rollout. That means two things: 1) Korra is NOT…